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June 27 2015


Leave The Process Of Move On Experts And Enjoy The Relocation

Many people who have never shifted at any new location think that they can save money by hiring the workers from any relocation firm and by getting the other required items like the van or any other carrier facility such as truck from any other company offering it on rent but many people are roved wrong and we know that because they turn to Man and van Redhill to get the assistance when they had no option left but we are proud that we assisted them in the best possible way and turned their task successful as we don’t have a single process which failed. There were many individuals who faced the loss of a huge amount of money because they damaged the carrier facility and then they paid the company for the expenses and the other main issue they faced was the fuel which they had to get after every specific period of time but there is no need to worry for the fuel or the problem if any mishap like the accident happens if the person hires our workers and get them with a van which is of our firm because we are responsible for not only our products but also for the customer’s valuable possessions. 

We are sure that our experts are fast at loading and unloading than the workers of any other relocation company, they take less time for every step of the move and the driver we provide knows how to make the items safe from the damage for the House removals Redhill if the road is uneven or have many speed breakers which can damage the items. We are fully confident on our experts and they are confident on their abilities plus skills so we ensure the customer that they will get all the products either precious or not safely at the new location. Every person knows that the relocation is a time consuming task and it also has some steps that the person cannot complete without the assistance of the professionals like getting the sofas down stairs, there is no need to take physical stress when we are here to provide relief. 

We have a team of experts who are not only friendly but also polite, they reply to every question while the move is in process so that the customer feels satisfied that the items are in the hands of the experts and they can take extreme care of them. Man with van Redhill know who to start the process and how to end so that nothing left ignored, we pay attention to all the needs of the customer either the move is of house or the office or the apartment of any student because we know that making a customer satisfied and happy is the aim of our company which is fulfilled with the satisfaction of the customer.

SNAFU: Say Hello to Gargamel

As you might have noticed, /everyone is drowning in spam. It was always a bit bad, but now it's practically unbearable.
While /everyone is unusable right now, we're not giving up on it, nor on the "laissez faire" policy of including everyone. At least not quite yet.
That's why I've been building an artificial intelligence for recognizing spam over the last months that is now in an early test phase. May I introduce: Gargamel!
With your help (your spam reports), a bit of python, a hacked dspam, a bit of scikit.learn cobbled together with a few feature extraction regexes, Gargamel is slowly coming to life.
And one of those signs of life you might have experienced today: a funky little mistake made him report each and every post as spam. Doesn't matter that I built him with the express purpose to generate as little false positives as possible. He took no prisoners.
Anyhow, thanks to the emails of a few alert users, we've noticed the mistake quickly and reset the account status of all affected.
But for the future: if you get a "your account has been deactivated" message when logged in, and you are not a spammer, please let us know at team@soup.io - don't forget to include the URL to your Soup. In fact, the URL is all you need to include in the email. We will never be able to completely avoid false positives, but reactivating an account is really just a click away.
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Get An Extra Van On Short Notice And Without Any Problem

For the individuals who are new to get the services of Man and van Batterseaare welcome and we guarantee that they will experience the best but those who are not new, they will get the surprise of improved services because we learn new things every day and we taught them to our workers so that they can assist in the best possible way. Our company got fame for providing the perfect help that is demanded by the people living in Battersea and then they recommend our firm to the others they know by which our customers increased and now we have a list of hundreds of individuals who have contacted us for getting our professionals help in their move and they are satisfied.

We have an additional worker hired in our office which is usually not available in any other relocation firm’s office, the responsibility of that worker is to dispatch the crewmen hired by the customer with the van on his/her place at the set time. by giving the duty of the dispatching to the worker made it simple to send the crewmen on the customer’s place one time and if there is any issue related to the late approach of the experts then the person who is responsible for the dispatching checks the location where the van is blocked and the checking is done through the GPS navigation system which is fitted in all the vans we have for the move. We have all the advanced technologies to assist the customers in the completion of the move on time and we also have the tolls which makes the dismantling easy for the workers by which they complete the step of dismantling the items in less time. From the very first day we started working, we never ignored any new way we found by which we can assist the customer due to whom now we have many tactics to make the task easy and unfold the complications by which the House removals Battersea process can fail. We always pay attention to the requirements of those who rely on us and entrust their possessions so that they can get their task done in a way their desire and they get contented by the end result.

We can also send a extra van which is not booked while the booking of Man with van Battersea so any person who requires a van on short notice can get it without facing any serious issue because we know that some people find it difficult to send more time on their move and one van is not enough for them when the boxes are loaded so they call us to get an extra van which we immediately send at their place so that their task can be completed in less time than estimated by our representative while the booking with one van. 


Contact The Experts For Every Kind Of Move And Pay Low

Welcome to Man and van Guildford! If you are our previous customer then you know about our dedicated working and the ability of easing the relocation task, other than that you also have information of the affordable prices that never exceed the budget f any person and our commitment of providing outstanding service but if you are new and haven’t took our services before then it’s time to enjoy with our experts who will make the relocation process comfortable and if you are going to trust us by booking our services then it’s the time to say goodbye to the tension linked to the relocation of house or office because we take the tension out of the customers mind in which we are expert. 

We have moved hundreds of houses till now with our clean and GPS navigation fitted vans, people like to get the service from our firm again because they know that we work honestly and make every struggle to make the task successful. There is a need to move the whole apartment products for the student or there is a requirement of exhibition items move, we are always available for the assistance. No any task involved in the House removals Guildford is impossible for us as we have many tactics to handle the unusual situation.

Whether a person is planning to relocate the office or there is any other more complicated job in mind, let our customer support staff assess the situation and give estimation of the tie with charges which is the free service we provide to those who contact us for getting the best. We have the right and perfect individuals for taking care of valuable objects such as some people need to move their sceneries that are expensive while some want to relocate their musical products that involve pianos that can get out of order with a single stroke. There is no issue of the budget as we also work for the people with tight budget also and especially with the students who cannot pay much for the move at any cost as they have specific amount of money for the whole month so we understand that managing money is difficult for them. Man with van Guildford make the task of move simple for the customer as the person gets a driver to drive the huge van which can carry many items at a time and other than that he/she also gets the workers for the loading and unloading of the heavy objects. The van which we provide for the relocation contains high ceiling so that big boxes can be loaded in it for the move and the satellite system assist the driver in completing the task of move on time which is estimated while the booking, the rates are low because we want everyone to get our professional help. 
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